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I can't do without iTunes because I use iPod.
In my true mind I want to use foobar2000 as parent ship, but foo_pod doesn't satisfy me.
So I have to use iTunes.

iTunes has following negative points.
1: it is very heavy and slow
2: the performance of its sound check is poor than ReplayGain
3: I want to use lame encoder for encoding
4: its sound is something cloudy
5: it can't use ASIO output
I'm really selfish.

1: is helpless. Using QuickTime Alternative barely helps us.

2: is solved by MP3Gain.

3: is that I have to compromise to use foobar2000 when I encode.

4 and 5: are solved by using Multi-Plugin.

listmarkfoobar2000 passthrough

Multi-Plugin allows us to use skins such as like Mac OS in iTunes.
And it has a useful function, "Foobar2000 passthrough".
If we use its function, we can use foobar2000 engine at playing in iTunes.

Multi-Plugin is produced by Mr.localhost in Aqua-Soft.
Be careful about that Multi-Plugin will work only when iTunes and foobar version are agreed.

Multi-Plugin 2.3: iTunes 6.x , foobar2000 v0.8.3
(I don't recommend this version because of its bad foobar2000 passthrough)
Multi-Plugin 2.3.2 is avaiable from here.

Multi-Plugin 2.5: iTunes 7.0 , foobar2000 v9
(We have to use foobar2000 v9, but passthrough is stable)

Mr.localhost seems to be busy, so renewing Multi-Plugin is sometimes late.
Be careful that Multi-Plugin sometimes won't work in latest iTunes.

listmarkinstalling and setting

First please install foobar2000.

foobar2000 official page

It will be easy to insall.
It is necessary only to set the part of ASIO output for foobar2000 passthrough.
You will have to set foobar2000 some parts in order to enable ASIO output, such as setting 32bit for output, but it may be interesting.

Now it is time to install Multi-Plugin.

Choose a suitable version for your environment and install it.
Don't forget to comfirm that Multi-Plugin which you downloaded would work in your iTunes.

After installing Multi-Plugin, start your iTunes.

We can change setting of Multi-Plugin in the window of iTunes settings.
Clicking the tab of "Multi-Plugin" and selecting "Other" tab, then following window will appear.

Please check "Foobar2000 passthrough".

This dialog will appear, then click "OK".

Restarting iTunes, it will sound through foobar2000 engine.

The sound is from foobar2000, the look is cool iTunes.
The cooperation with iPod is great.

We can't use iTunes and foobar2000 simultaneously.
When iTunes plays a song using foobar2000 passthrough, Multi-Plugin send a playlist which includes only it to foobar and foobar plays it.
And sure enough, foobar2000's playlist has only it when iTunes plays the song using foobar2000 passthrough.
So the response of changing musics is late because of this mechanism.
If Multi-Plugin can completely synchronize the playlists of iTunes and foobar2000, its performance will be improved so much.
I cheer Mr.localhost.

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