making audio cable -- RCA cable, digital cable --


Japanese version here.


I've already made all the way from PC to speaker.

When I was hearing music being well content with my audio system, I was careless to find I didn't make cables.

Oh no!!
This can be found on the marcket.

So I tried to make audio cable.

listmarkmaking RCA cable

RCA cable sends signals and GND, so it needs as less than 2 lines.

BELDEN: 8412, 8422, 9497
CANARE: 4S6, 4S8, L4E6S, GS6

These are easy to get.
Then I bought 8412 by BELDEN that is famous for deep powerful sound.

BELDEN 8412 400yen/m

I purchased R14GA and R14GB by CLASSIC PRO for its shapes.

CLASSIC PRO R14GAAR14GB 200yen/one

Firstly I cut rubber in order to process terminals using knife.

Then shielded lines appeared.
I wavered whether connecting shield to GND or not.
It is recommended that one terminal is connected to GND.
But if you don't connect, the role of shielding won't be weaken so much.
So I didn't connect to GND.

Then I disclosed two lines.

I cut rubbers of them and united to the plugs.
Don't forget to thread cover of plug through cable in advance.

Original cables are now complete.

(comparing to AT5A64 by audio-technica)
My first impression of this cable is that its sound is very thick.
I felt that the frequency bands of each sounds ware widen.

I'm satisfied with my cool cables.

listmarkmaking coaxial digital cable

I needed a coaxial digital cable in order to use the coaxial input of NOS DAC.
So I decided to make one.
I wanted a unbalanced digital cable, so I chose 75ohm cable.


This coa cable is made by argentine completely.
I heard it sounds very nice.
impedance : 75ohm
capacitance : 53.2 nF/Km
abbreviation rate of wavelength : 79%
attenuation : 24.3 dB/Km
conductor resistor : 33 Ω/Km
outside diameter : 6.0mm


It looks so nice.

I'm very happy that I've got such a nice digital cable.
This sounds dense and marvelous.

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