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listmarkstylus cartridge headshell

I'd like to introduce my favorite DJ goods.

ORTOFON OM DJ S cartridge and VESTAX headshell

ORTOFON OM DJ S cartridge

It sounds naturally.
Because my DIY audio system is assertive, it seems to suit for my system.
I like the combination of ORTOFON OM series and VESTAX headshell.

I use stainless screws for it.
It sounds more naturally.

ORTOFON OM PRO S cartridge and VESTAX headshell

ORTOFON OM PRO S cartridge

We can purchase this cartridge at small cost.

It is cheap, but it sounds good.
I feel OM PRO S sounds less vividly compared to OM DJ S.

The screws are made of aluminum.

SHURE M447X and Technics headshell

SHURE M447X cartridge

It sounds warmly and softly.
I like its sound, but Its sluggish shape is not good.

We can't get genuine exchange stylus because M447X is very old.
So I use a stylus of JICO.

I use stainless screws.

SHURE M44G and Technics headshell

SHURE M44G cartridge

I get a gritty feel from it, but it has strong punch.
It is a standatd cartridge.

I think the screws are made of aluminum.

listmarkcontact cleaner

contace cleaner

This is evolutionary tool.
It is written "king of contact cleaner".

It improve bad electrical contact.
It comes out one contact after another.
RCA plug, speaker terminal, USB connecter, outlet of rice cooker...

the point that attracts me to spray contact cleaner

I cannot help spraying into such a place.

The most effective point is the feder of mixer.
I'm not afraid of bad contact any more.
It is effective for pitch control of turntable.

DJ Q-Bert also use one.

listmarkrecord cleaner

record cleaner

It reminds me of blackboard eraser.
It removes dust on record.

From the time that I modified the stylus illumination to LED, dust on record is highly visible.
So now I can't do without it.

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