VESTAX Turntable -- PDX-D3 --


Japanese version here.


I had a dream of being DJ, so I wanted turntables.
I had no record.

Anyway, I wanted turntables.

I bought one finally.
This is PDX-D3 made by VESTAX.
This was the first turntable that adopted digital pitch control.

Because I don't find many digital control turntable now, I think it has not became popular.

I got PDX-D3 at auction at small cost.

listmarkSL-1200MK3 and PDX-D3

Left: Technics SL-1200MK3

I bought one more turntable.
It is a staple of DJ's turntable, Technics SL-1200MK3.
I use it setting head-shell by VESTAX, OM PRO S by Ortofon and its stylus.

I think PDX-D3 goes with SL-1200.

I feel that the sound of PDX-D3 has stronger punch than that of SL-1200MK3 using the same cartridge.

PDX-D3 is useful because I can use fast-forward and fast-backward.

In addition to this, PDX-D3 is capable of 78rpm playing.

The display of PDX-D3 is beautiful.

listmarkmaking stulus illumination for PDX-D3

PDX-D3 adopts RCA style for stylus illumination.
I bought PDX-D3 at very low cost, but its stylus illumination was broken.
So I tried to make nice one using RCA plug and LED.

I used NEUTRIK NYS-352G for illumination cover.

We get 12V from turntable, so I used blue LED for light.

I drilled RCA plug and soldered LED and resistor.
Now I got nice stylus illumination.

I use a head-shell by Technics, M447X and its stylus.
This cartridge is famous of sounding powerful bass.
But now it is out of support.

The sound of analog is beyond my expression.
It is warm, beautiful and powerful.
I feel warm just seeing the sight of record is spinning.

These turntables make me to have a thought of giving a party in my small house.

When will I debut in club...

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