making Quiet Line -- removing noise of voltage supply --


Japanese version here.


I wated to remove the noises which were in power supply.

My audio system was supplied power from the same outlet as PC used, so I was confused by noises by PCB
I had no idea whether noises were in there actually, but im my mind a lot of noises came in my audio system as if they were germ.
I could't stand any more.


Quietline is composed of only AC capacitor.
I put a AC capacitor which completely endures AC100V between AC100V and GND.
It is dangerous because we deal with high voltage.

Please take full responsibility for carrying out.

plastic case, SW65B 126yen, made by TAKACHI

AC capacitor 1.5uF 378yen

spark killer, S1205 152yen

And we need cable which includes AC plug.


I wasn't going to purchase spark killer, I found it by chance and it attracted me.
I couldn't help buying it.
Spark killer is composed of a capacitor and a resistor which are connected series.
It suppresses rapid voltage changes such as saprk noise by the time constant which is fixed by CR.

The circuit of quiet line is simple.

I wired actually.
It is smaller than cigarette case.

I put a lid on it.

Can it really remove noises?


The impression was changes that I inserted and removed.

inserting quietline
the outlines of each sounds got to be clear
the sound of bass got settled

removing quietline
it got rough
it lost its elegance

When I set quietline, the sound of my audio system got to be elegant.
It is interesting that the sound changes by modifying unrelated part to amp and speaker.
Power supplying is important for audio.

Recently I worry about fire when I go out.
Can't I free this my inward noise?

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