Technics DJ mixer -- modifying SH-DJ1200 --


Japanese version here.

listmarkDJ MIXER by Technics

I didn't like the sound of PMX-2 (Melos).

I luckily found SH-DJ1200 listed at an Internet auction at a low price.
SH-DJ1200 is a DJ mixer for HIPHOP made by Technics.

The auctioneer said that he didn't know whether it worked correctly or not.
But because I've stuck in the world of DIY audio, I'm blind to such a thing.

When I connected it to turntables first, it sounded without any trouble.
I felt like wow.

But sadly I found that crossfeder didn't work

SH-DJ1200 has spare feders in its body.
I knew it.
So I replaced.
Then it worked!
This got to be perfect.

The sound of SH-DJ1200 is much better than that of PMX-2.

listmarkImproving the sound of SH-DJ1200

I cannot help taking apart audio instruments.

The head of screw entices me.

I couldn't overcom temptation.

There were so many parts in it.

strengthen general capacitors

I wanted to replace all capacitors to audio grade ones.
It seemed to be so hard, so I added film capacitors to them from back of board.

enhance power supply

Power supply is very important for analog circuit.
So I enhanced it.

SH-DJ1200 has three switching regulators.
Two of them supply plus minus power for OpAmp, and the other supplies to ICs.
I added 3300uF 50V KMG capacitors to the outputs of them.

Additionally I added film capacitors in order to remove high frequency noise.

cool off regulator

I found a evidence of switching regulators were about to fire.

I set heat sink to them.


I replaced power indication lump to blue LED.
It looks nice.


It got to be very powerful and comfortable sound.

The sound of analog is ravisingly beautiful.

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