Technics turntable -- modifying SL-1200MK3 --


Japanese version here.


The most famous turntable for DJ is SL-1200MK series made by Technics.

I tried to get another PDX-D3, but I couldn't find.
It was so expensive for me.
On second thought, I decided to get two SL-1200MK3.
I think it is nice that left and right turntables are the same model.

The mixer in picture is SH-DJ1200.
I call my DJ system "all technics system".

SH-DJ1200 is much better than PMX-2 regarding sounding.

listmarkmodifying stylus light of SL-1200MK3

The stylus illumination of the left SL-1200MK3 was out of use.
SL-1200MK5 has LED stylus light, but under models, for example SL-1200MK3 and SL-1200MK4, have a bulb.

I tried to exchange bulb for blue LED which will never burn out.
(take full responsibility for your actions)

I removed 21 screws.

Then it opened.
The stylus light unit is the middle of right part.
It is tightened by 2 screws.

I removed these screws.

Now it removed.
Bulb is in this aluminum case.
I removed a tiny screw.

The Bulb will appear at the tip of white plastic case.
But I broke it using lineman's pliers by mistake.
This picture is afther its accident.

The voltage of it is about 21V.
I prepared LED and resistor.
blue LED 3mm wide-angle (20mA at 3V)
resistor 820ohm [ 820ohm = (21V - 3V) / 0.020A ]

3mm LED will be nice for it because there is a narrow space.

I soldered this unit into the lead lines and isolated it from case by rubber tube.

I set up as the way it was.
Then I had a nice stylus illumination.

Head-shell is made by Technics.
The cartridge is SHURE M447X.
It is nice in spite of old model.

It costed little, yet may bring in much.


The stylus light of the right SL-1200MK3 is still active.

Head-shell is made by VESTAX.
The cartridge is ortofon OM PRO S.

It is smart.

I want to turn my house into club.

I have to practice.

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